"No-one truly has joy unless he lives in love." St. Thomas Aquinas

Welcome to The Peaceful Pagan.


My walk with Mother Earth came to my consciousness when I was a small child. I played outside for hours watching the birds fly high into the sky. I would giggle at the squirrels playing chase with each other up and down the trees. When I would go to the lake or into the ocean, my 9 year old self would consciously greet the water and thank it for filling my soul. It is the same today as it was then. My peace was, and still is, found in nature. My spirit is free and I can hear the whispers of the Great Mother as she guides me on this path. I have found that in my darkest moments, the wisdom of nature has always lifted me up and grounded me in strength. It is my hope that you will all find your connection to this beautiful source and realize we are truly one with each other in this glorious earth and universe. I am honored to share this space with you. I would like all to feel welcome and totally inspired by the oneness we share with earth and all if it’s beings.

Welcome and Blessed be

)O( Jennifer M. Fox

Recent Writings

Wild Man

I have been thinking about this a lot. There is so much talk about resurrecting the “Wild Woman” the “She-Wolf.” It got me thinking about the “Wild Man”. I want to see him too. I want my son to be the full man that feels with all of his being, who is not afraid ofContinue Reading

Celebrating Mabon and The Autumnal Equinox

Mabon is a very sacred time of the year for Pagans. The wheel turns and we are acknowledge the soil is dying and the harvests will cease. This is the time where we show gratitude to our Mother Earth. We thank her for her endless bounty and gifts that she shares with us daily. WeContinue Reading

Let’s Talk About Sex !!!

What does sex mean to you? I find sex to be life force energy and the way we use it is can be life changing for good or bad. There is no absolute with sex in my world. Everything is open and welcome as long as it is consensual, kind and monogamous. That is howContinue Reading